You're probably wondering how JayJay Tieing his buckle could possibly have anything to do with Leadership Characteristics. Well friends, it actually has everything to do with it. In the words of Brian Keith, "Everything I learned about Leadership, I learned in the Marines. You see, in bootcamp, we learned all about JJ and this illustrious buckle. In fact it became second nature to let the whole base know that the 14 Leadership Traits involved JayJay Tieing his buckle.

In fact it went something like this,


 We made it a point to be the loudest bunch on the base, this was to ensure that we didn't get passed by another platoon in line at the chow hall (cafeteria). We looked forward to our lunch.

Jokes aside these 14 Traits along with the core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment laid the foundation for us to base all of our decisions and eventually grow into the leaders we were meant to be. Now I get the opportunity to share 4 of them with you today as to avoid information overload. As you read, reflect on each trait and think about how you can implement them daily into your life.

  1. Justice

    The process of being fair while holding others accountable for their actions is the true mark of a Leader. At times it may prove difficult to hold those close to you accountable for their actions out of fear of losing a close friend or acquaintance. But remember that a just Leader has no favorites. Consider both sides of a situation and give reward as well as punishment where it is due. I've always respected a leader that embodied this trait and so will you.

  2. Judgement

    For leaders, there are many different explanations that can be said, but I would like to focus on one in particular . There will inevitably come a time where you as the leader will be forced to make a tough decision in a limited amount of time. Obviously we're not focusing on the military, but we are focusing on the ability to "make a decision". I've always believed that it is better to make a good decision now as opposed a great decision later. A friend of mine loves the phrase, "time waits on no man". Make a decision and stand by it. Then you can reflect and make corrections later.  Don't freeze, just act. As leaders remember that we learn from our mistakes.

  3. Dependability

    Every Leader should aspire to be considered dependable. Don't bite of more than you can chew but if you say that you will do something it is your duty to do it. Lack of dependability means lack of responsibility. You can share responsibility but you can never share accountability.

  4. Integrity

    If there's any leadership characteristic that can make or break a leader, its Integrity. Integrity goes hand in hand with setting the example. As a leader you will always be watched. Sometimes looked to for guidance and to emulate you while others will seek to criticize your actions for their own selfish needs. Don't give them the opportunity. A take away from this is that you can do 99 things right but if you fail just 1 time you will never hear the end of it. Hold on to your integrity, it is your honor, only you can give it away.


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