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Definition and Importance of Leadership

What is leadership? It seems to be the type of question that everyone automatically assumes the answer but nobody really understands . I've been given a number of suggestions as to the answer of this question however only a few seem to make any sort of sense. A friend of mine (an acquaintance really) noted that leadership is the men and women of corporate that pay our bills. Needless to say this individual wasn't in the right state of mind.

Another well known acquaintance tried to explained that leadership was the granted ability to tell others what to do. This explanation wasn't as outlandish as the first explanation however,  we were beginning to move in the right direction. Both in their own rights were accurate but we want to dig deeper.5 Levels of Leadership

Webster's definition

  1. The office or position of leader
  2. The capacity to lead
  3. The act or instance of leading 

You're probably thinking to yourself well that doesn't tell me anything and I would have to agree with you. But first lets focus on the second point for a minute,


"The capacity to lead". Another way that we can describe the capacity to lead is "the potential or suitability to lead". There are many critics that have this notion that leadership isn't something that can be taught online by looking up how to be a good leader. You either have it or you don't. This couldn't be further from the truth. I won't go into detail about it right now but leadership is a subject that can be taught just like algebra or biology as daunting as that sounds. In the article "Great Leaders aren't Born they're Unleashed " I go into great detail destroying this myth.

Leadership stems from Passion and Influence

Leadership is having a passion for what you do and influencing others to share in that passion so much so that the negative connotations of your passion have little effect . The keyword here is influence. Every great leader in one way or another has had the unique ability to influence others. Sometime this influence has been a little over the top. In my article "A Great Leader Is...", I identify a number of what history has defined as "Great Leaders" based on their individual qualities as well as their impact on those around them.

Leadership is the humility to admit when you are wrong and the perseverance to advance beyond failure. I've come to realize that many potential leaders tend to let their pride control them and their decisions. They are "afraid" of admit that they've made a wrong decision. At times it becomes necessary to cut losses and regroup .

One thing I've realized is that it is never to late learn something new. As a Leader you need to be in a constant state of learning. Prime example being my daughter of four years old is unofficially a snap chat guru. I can't quite figure out how to make it work but she's able to make all of these amazing things happen with the click of a button. Leadership for a Better WorldI've literally had to sit down and get a period of instruction from a four year old on how to create a filter.

Leadership is being the first one in and the last one out. It is serving those that depend on you before serving yourself. Leadership is controlling your fear despite the challenges that you may face. Being a leader is quite demanding however, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. For many it is understandable why they would prefer to be a part of the general population. Without being the "leader", one would have no responsibility but simply do as told. Simply be where you need to be on time and do what you are told. Now if you want to progress then take the next step. Wake up a bit earlier, seek more responsibility and become the leader that you were born to be.

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